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Five Misconceptions About Vegetarianism Set Straight


If you are not a vegetarian but you are considering to make the lifestyle change, you probably wonder about some things you’ve heard, read or just thought about. As a vegetarian it can be very frustrating to set people straight when it comes to these misconceptions, as you will soon learn when you make the change.

In this post we try to debunk these untruths and shed some light on them. If you are a vegetarian, you can use the information here to set the record straight once and for all!

1. Vegetarians are Skinny and Healthy

A lot of people assume that just because you are vegetarian, you are instantly healthier and skinny. Being vegetarian is a lifestyle choice. It doesn’t mean you are going to lose a whole lot of weight or be healthier than everyone else. There are loads of things vegetarians can also indulge in that is considered unhealthy.

It’s all about balance and choosing your meals and portions correctly. If you want to be a vegetarian because of this misconception, don’t. You’ll have to adopt a healthy lifestyle to be healthy and lose weight.

2. It’s difficult for a Vegetarian to Dine Out

Another one is the misconception that vegetarians are limited to selecting meatless salads and cooked veggies when they dine out. If you believe this, you haven’t dined out for a long time. Nowadays vegetarians have loads of options when it comes to going out, think vegetarian sushi for example.

There are also a lot of vegetarian restaurants opening and the latest trend is gourmet vegetarian restaurants. If you think you don’t want to become a vegetarian because you won’t be able to enjoy yourself, think again!

3. Vegetarians Spend Too Much Money on Food

Vegetarians may spend a lot more money on fresh fruit and vegetables, but then again meat is very expensive. Have you ever noticed the price difference of vegetarian options at restaurants? Yes, they are not more expensive than your average steak or burger.

If price is holding you back, you’ve got it all wrong. You are probably going to spend a little less or just about the same amount on groceries and dining out than before. Being vegetarian is not an expensive lifestyle.

4. Vegetarians Don’t Get Sufficient Protein

In fact, a lot of people believe that vegetarians have vitamin and protein deficiencies. This is by far the fattest of all the lies we have come across. Vegetarians replace foods to ensure they get all the nutritional goodness they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, a vegetarian diet will include loads of legumes and beans, vegetables and fruits and nuts. There are loads of fresh or dried foods out there that contains all the nutrients one needs to be healthy.

5. Vegetarians Judge Meat-eaters

Even though this might be true for some, but it’s not always the case. The majority of vegetarians couldn’t care less what your meal preference or lifestyle preference is. Just like we prefer others not to judge their preferences, we don’t judge theirs.

If you are going to have your steak in front of a vegetarian, they will not necessarily leave the table for that matter. There are however some vegetarians who do get nauseated when they smell or see meat. But for the rest of us, we don’t care what you eat!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you can now make your decision or explain to others what being vegetarian is all about. Read Rose Elliot’s take on the topic of being a vegetarian or vegan.

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