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5 Dishes You Can Prepare for Just About Every Kind of Eater


Compromising when it comes to food is a pain. But don’t you worry! We’ve found some of the tastiest vegetarian and vegan dishes that will have anyone you know drooling over. These dishes are all completely safe for vegetarians and vegans, while meat lovers will find them just as tasty and satisfying.

We take a look at some top breakfast picks, light meals and finish it off with something for those with a sweet tooth.

#1 Scrambled Tofu

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And you don’t have to stick to breakfast even. Whichever way you prefer eating or serving your scrambled tofu, you’ll be able to. Now, you may think that scrambled tofu is just about as boring as it comes. We’d like to disagree!

The secret is in the combination of flavors in this specific recipe. Cumin, garlic, turmeric and thyme makes for a delicious scrambled tofu that’s good to go on just about anything with just about everything!

#2 Banana Chocolate Pancakes

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In this recipe the milk is replaced with soy or almond milk. It does however include baking powder which adds some fluffy goodness to these delicious breakfast wonders! What we love most about this recipe is the fact that the banana and chocolate is baked in the batter, making it extra yum!

Want to add some crunch? Go ahead! You can add some nuts to the batter for some more yummy goodness. This recipe is a hit with the kids, non-vegans and just about anyone who loves a good pancake.

#3 Spicy Bean Chili

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A delicious spicy chili that only takes about 40 minutes to make? No way! Yes, that’s correct, this delicious chili will only take 40 minutes to prep and cook. This three-bean chili has quite a bite thanks to the chipotle chilies it calls for.

But, the level of spice and heat is completely up to you of course! If you love spicy food, you’ll fall in love with this wonderfully easy to make chili. It’s chockful of protein and just the right amount of zip to almost convert even those meat eaters you know.

#4 Macaroni and Cheese

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Wait, a delicious mac and cheese that does not contain any dairy or flour? Yes, that’s correct. This simple mac and cheese is probably the best we have tried. And it’s safe for vegans. Meat eaters will also find it pretty hard to resist.

What makes this mac and cheese recipe remarkable is the fact that it is made with a cashew-based sauce. Thanks to the deactivated yeast, the sauce has a delectable cheesy taste and consistency. Did we mention that it’s pretty quick and easy to make?

#5 Strawberry Cheesecake

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If you want to impress your meat-eating friend, you have to give this yummy strawberry cheesecake a go. It’s pink, pretty and tastes amazing. It’s also completely gluten and dairy-free. That’s right, instead of cheese it calls for coconut milk and cashews.

But where does the color and the flavor come from? Strawberries of course! The cheesecake calls for one cup of strawberries and maple syrup, adding to its sweet flavor. Whether you want to indulge a bit yourself or impress some of your friends, this cheesecake is bound to become a favorite.

You see, it is easy to cook for anyone! And those who eat meat will more than likely thank you for introducing meal alternatives. Just don’t shove it down their throats, they won’t respond well to that tactic!