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Five Dead Giveaways that You Aren’t Getting Enough Fiber


Getting the right amount and all the essential nutrients is crucial for anyone. Even more so for vegetarians who do not get essentials like protein or calcium. Fiber on the other hand should not be a problem for vegetarians, or should it?

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? We’ve compiled a list of signs to look out for that may indicate that you aren’t.

#1 You are Always Hungry

Do you find that you are constantly hungry and grabbing whatever comes your way to snack on? To fill that little hole in your tummy. If this is the case, chances are you are not getting enough fiber. People who don’t get enough fiber will generally feel hungry even after eating.

Fiber is responsible for that feeling of satisfaction and ‘fullness’ after we had a meal. To ensure your appetite is taken care of, include foods that are high in fiber in your diet.

#2 Fluxes in your Blood Sugar Levels

Some people struggle with maintaining their blood sugar levels. Specifically, those who have diabetes. Fiber is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels in your body. It helps your body digest it properly by slowing down the way our bodies absorb and process sugar.

If you struggle with blood sugar levels that keep fluctuating or is completely out of whack, your body isn’t getting the sufficient amount of fiber.

#3 You Gain Weight

Weight gain is usually caused when you eat more of other foods than you should. For instance, you’d rather fill up on starchy foods like pasta and potatoes. Or you are a sucker for foods that are high in fats and sugars. A balanced vegetarian diet consists of the right amounts of all types of foods and nutrients, including fiber.

To curb your cravings, fill up on legumes, beans, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables. All of them are great sources of fiber.

#4 You’ve Got High Cholesterol

Fiber is great for just about everything. Including your cholesterol. It binds and moves bad cholesterol out of your system. This characteristic is specifically coupled with soluble fibers. To ensure your cholesterol levels are normal, take care to include enough fiber in your diet.

Foods that are great for this specific purpose includes figs, barley, oats, sweet potato, beans and prunes. Be sure to stock up on these soluble fibers!

#5 You Feel Bloated all the Time

When your diet does not include sufficient fiber, you’ll notice that you feel bloated more often than not. Fiber helps all the different foods and nutrients you consume move along your digestive tract. What happens when you don’t eat enough fiber is other food does not go through the digestive tract the way they should.

Think of it as some traffic jam in your digestive tract. But the opposite can be true too! If you eat too much fiber, it can also cause bloating.

Fiber is wonderful! But, as we’ve mentioned, it should also not be overdone. Stick to the recommended required portions and your body will thank you for it!Need some more convincing? Read this article on all the benefits of eating more fiber.

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