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6 Top Benefits of Being Vegetarian


Ditch the meat and switch to veg! Now, you may already have done so but you’re not sure about all the benefits you and your body are enjoying since you’ve become a vegetarian. For those of you who are not sure whether being vegetarian is a healthy option, you’ll soon think otherwise.

In this article we discuss all the key benefits you can enjoy as a vegetarian. So, whether you want to pat yourself on the back or need convincing, hold on tight for the countdown!

1. Improves Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is a disease that causes skin irritation and redness and can be devastating to those who suffer from it. Recent studies have found that following a vegetarian diet can in fact decrease the symptoms of psoriasis.

2. Decreases Risk of Heart Disease

Studies have proven that a vegetarian diet can improve your heart’s health. This is because vegetarian diets consist of loads of antioxidant rich foods. These antioxidants are responsible for decreasing damage due to stress.

3. Lower Cholesterol

The main source of cholesterol is the consumption of fatty foods and more importantly, animal fats such as chicken skin and the like. Vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels because they do not consume any animal meats or fats.

4. Improves Your Emotional Wellbeing

Dietary animal sources are rich in arachidonic acid, a substance that has recently been linked to mood disturbances. Researchers have found this link to be true and that vegetarians have a more balanced emotional state when compared to those who eat meat and dietary animal sources.

5. Decreases Risk of Cataract Development

Another study has provided proof that there is a direct link to eye health and diet. They found that vegetarians are in general less susceptible to develop cataracts whereas those who eat meat were more susceptible to get cataracts.

6. Decreased Risk of Strokes, Diabetes and Obesity

Researchers found that vegetarians have a more deliberate way of planning and choosing their meals. As opposed to some meat eaters who would eat anything without giving it a second thought. Eating recklessly can cause eating disorders and serious illnesses alike.

So, you see, it is a great thing to be vegetarian, no matter which way you look at it! If you are still not sure whether or not becoming a vegetarian is worth it, the evidence speaks for itself. Enjoy a healthier, happier life when you make the switch and join us!

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