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6 Simple Vegetarian Food Hacks You Should Know About


So, it’s dinner time and you are standing with your hands in your hair. What to make? Cooking and preparing meals day after day can soon become drab if you stick to the same boring menu. We’ve got some good news though.

We’ve compiled our list of the top six food hacks you can start trying out today! In this post we discuss six ways you can easily make meal times less drab and more fab.

1. Make Veggie Noodles

Pasta, pasta, pasta! Who doesn’t love a big bowl of warm pasta? Instead of eating all those carbs, try to spiralize your vegetables and make a nutritional veggie noodle. The best veggies to do this with? Try some fresh courgettes or carrots.

Imagine all the nutritional goodness in a bowl of veggie noodles. You no longer have to worry about the carbs or calories. Did we mention that it tastes great?

2. Include a Wider Variety of Oils

Why stick to olive oil when you have a world of oils to use? That’s right, using infused oils will add even more flavor to the most boring dish you’ve ever made. Mix things up a bit and start using sesame, coconut or chili for a zippier or flavorful meal.

No matter what you are making, just adding a little bit of oil can make a huge difference to the taste. Simply add it over some roast veg. Yum!

3. Buy Marinated Tofu

Don’t limit yourself and waste time prepping tofu! Buy pre-marinated tofu. Not only will this save you a whole lot of time, but it will also add loads of flavor to any tofu dish you prepare. You have the option to choose between olive, garlic or basil.

Gone are the days when you dreaded cooking another tasteless tofu dish. Using pre-marinated tofu ensures your meal is flavorful and delicious.

4. Experiment with World Cuisines

Whether you love Italian or Indian, you can experiment with any world cuisine as a vegetarian. Be daring and play around! Think scrumptious Mediterranean salads, delicious African veg or even spicy Indian curry.

There’s a globe’s worth of cooking you can play around with. You don’t have to stick to the mundane or boring at all!

5. Make Cauliflower Rice

For a healthier option than rice, you can also make cauliflower rice. It’s simple and much healthier than the same old starch you’ve had since you were a kid. Simply put a raw cauliflower in a food processer and blend it until it consists of smaller pieces resembling rice.

Next, you simply steam it and enjoy! Simple, right? And you won’t have to worry about those awful carbs anymore!

6. Opt for More Aubergine

If you have a serious meat craving, aubergine is the way to go! Not only does it resemble the taste but also the texture. Simply poke a couple of holes in the aubergine and hold it over an open flame turning it so that it cooks evenly.

Once it is blackened, put it in a sealable bag to steam further. What you’ll have is something that resembles meat, but that is way healthier! Here’s some of our favorite aubergine recipes to get you started.

Do you have any food hacks of your own? We would love to hear them! Remember, cooking should be fun and you should still be able to enjoy your meal, no matter what! Enjoy your culinary adventures.

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