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Bodybuilding on the Veg: Our Top Tips for Best Results


There is a stigma around the relationship between protein consumption and bodybuilding and that the one cannot exist without the other. In this post we aim to bust that myth by providing you with some handy tips on how you can still build muscle while following your regular vegetarian diet.

#1 Stack up on Fruit and Veg


And we don’t mean you should eat fruit and veggies more often. You’ll have to increase your intake of all fruits and veg! Fruit and vegetables are the best source of quality nutrients and antioxidants – the best way to boost your vitals and immune system!

#2 Stick to Soy Protein or Egg White Powders


As a vegetarian bodybuilder, you are going to have to increase your protein intake too! You’ll be happy to know that there are plant-based and animal by-product options out there. If you don’t eat animal by-products, stick to soy protein powder for a smashing shake. If you do, go with the egg white protein powder.

#3 Higher Intensity Workouts


That’s right! Higher intensity yet shorter workouts are essential for bodybuilding vegetarians. Sticking to shorter yet higher intensity workouts will prevent muscle mass loss and your body won’t need as much protein to get through the workout.

#4 Eat Some Nuts


The perfect power snack, nuts are a great source of fats and energy, something you’ll need while bodybuilding. One handful of nuts a day is sufficient to provide you with enough calories to build muscle while you work out.

#5 Incorporate Peanut Butter Where You Can


As with nuts, peanut butter is a great source for calories and fats. It’s easy to add to your snacks, shakes or smoothies. Smear some peanut butter on your fruit and veg or add it to your breakfast. The calorie intake will ensure you build muscle.

#6 Smaller Portions More Often


Make sure you eat throughout the day. You don’t have to have a massive meal every time, but be sure to eat more frequently and smaller portions. Eating more frequently will ensure that you get all the amino acids you need to complete the workout and build muscle.

Just because you are a vegetarian does not mean you cannot CrossFit or do bodybuilding. You have to wise-up on all the nutrients, protein and crucial vitamins you need to consume. Never allow any setback to put a damper on your progress. Never lose sight of your goal and stay positive.

By keeping at it and following our tips here, you should soon find that bodybuilding while following a vegetarian diet is a breeze.