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The 5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Parkersburg


If you are looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat in Parkersburg, we’ve got you covered. We’ve dined out here a couple of times and have found the very best restaurants for vegetarians out there. Sometimes finding a great restaurant can be difficult to find, and what you expect is not always what you get!

Avoid disappointment and stick to our recommended list of the five best vegetarian restaurants in Parkersburg and enjoy a great meal, guaranteed.

1. Cham’s

For an unforgettable dining experience, you can’t go wrong when going to Cham’s! This Lebanese restaurant is sure to amaze with a fantastic atmosphere, scrumptious vegetarian meals and the best service in town!

We love the fact that the service is very personalized and of course the string of fabulous Lebanese dishes you get to try out. We’d recommend Cham’s for a fantastic night out, or even for lunch.

2. Spats at The Blennerhassett Hotel

For a ritzy experience, you have to visit Spats at The Blennerhassett Hotel. Now, the prices are up there, but it is worth it. The food is perfectly prepared, and the menu has loads to offer. We have to mention that it is not a vegetarian restaurant but the menu features vegetarian friendly food.

Going to Spats at The Blennerhassett Hotel is a definite must. But perhaps best kept for an intimate evening or a special event. Nevertheless, expect a masterpiece of cuisine.

3. Rubi’s Pizza and Grill

In the mood for some carbs? Get the best! Rubi’s Pizza and Grill offers the best Italian food in Parkersburg, you won’t get any better than this. Whatever you are in the mood for, expect authentic Italian dishes made to perfection.

The atmosphere and service are also great, nothing disappointed us at this spot. Fancy a salad instead? You’ll be able to dig in to some fantastic salads at Rubi’s Pizza and Grill.

4. Philippines Best Restaurant and Carry Out

Now we’re off to the Philippines right here in Parkersburg! This restaurant prepares the very best authentic Philippine cuisine you’ll ever taste – we promise. The also do takeaways, if you’d rather indulge at home. The atmosphere is not fantastic, but the food makes it worth it.

You’ll get delicious Philippine food at great value for money when going to Philippines Best Restaurant and Carry Out, that’s for sure.

5. CJ’s Italian Kitchen

You’ve got it – we’re suckers for Italian cuisine. But we had to add CJ’s Italian Kitchen to our list because they are one of our favorite spots. For great pizza, drool-worthy pastas and loads of gluten-free options, you’ll have your hands full selecting a dish!

The atmosphere and service are right up there with the quality of the food – fantastic. We’d highly recommend giving CJ’s Italian Kitchen a go if you are in Parkersburg.

And that concludes our countdown of our favorite restaurants in Parkersburg. Did you see a place you’ve already been? We hope you’ll visit any of our top picks one of these days. You won’t be disappointed!