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Our Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Moldova


Dining out while traveling can be very exciting,especially if you want to try some of the local food and embrace the country’s culture. If you are ever planning on visiting Moldova, we’ve got all the best restaurants that serve vegetarian dishes right here for you.

1. Kumanek

If you are looking for a great venue that serves superb meals, ambient atmosphere, great service and fantastic value for money, head on over to Kumanek. Even though the restaurant is not mainly vegetarian, they are vegetarian-friendly and offer a wide range of delicious vegetarian dishes.

2. Fusion Restaurant Jeraffe

Not quite in the mood for something traditional? Then you should give Fusion Restaurant Jeraffe a try. Serving fusion Asian and Chinese dishes, including sushi, you’ll have loads of vegetarian dishes to choose from. The service is great and meals are prepared perfectly.

3. La Placinte

Back to a more traditional venue, La Placinte has plenty to offer the wandering vegetarian. Their traditional dishes are out of this world, and prices are pretty reasonable too. If you are ready to discover some traditional Moldovan dishes, be sure to book your table. The restaurant is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

4. Propaganda Café

Now this is a venue with a twist! The décor and intimate atmosphere alone won us over. But of course, service and the quality of the meals should not be overlooked. Every meal is meticulously prepared whether it is a traditional or vegan dish. We’d highly recommend Propaganda Café if you are ever in Chisinau!

5. INVINO Enoteca

Now, you might ask why we would add a wine bar to our list of recommendations. We just had to! You have to experience this ultimate wine tasting experience. You will however also be able to dine too, and the venue has vegetarian friendly options on their menu. The atmosphere at INVINO Enoteca is cozy and intimate, with excellent service.

You are probably looking at how to get to Moldova already. You’ll love discovering the cuisine and the culture of this European jewel, not to mention the fantastic wines. Have a safe trip and let us know if you ended up visiting any of our favorite joints!