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All beginnings are difficult – even in the Tyrolean league

With the SVI and Volders two teams are still at zero points after three laps. But also for others the engine starts to stutter.

Innsbruck – Every week the marmot in Volders greets you: In spite of good performances, the promoted rider has always ended up empty-handed. And the SVI also pays tribute to the difficult opening programme.

“It’s bitter, of course, if you’re still standing there with zero points after three games,” SVI coach Markus Seelaus doesn’t talk around the bush for long. Above all, the defensive behaviour at standards has so far prevented a countable success: “We are behaving too childishly, too undecidedly. A similarly difficult autumn as last year is to be avoided at all costs: “We must keep calm and see that we finally reward ourselves once again”.

Michael Streiter also gets the same horn: “I can’t blame the team for anything, except that we don’t have the peace and quiet in front of the opposing goal.” The derby against Wattens (1:3) could have turned out differently: “We had a huge chance to score 2:0 shortly before the equalizer. It was more difficult to pass than to shoot the goal. But in return, we got the equalizer.”

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Nevertheless, Streititer sees himself and his Volderer in the right lane: “We won’t let ourselves be put off. We know that we’re on the right track.” In Zinger Bingo players can make use of the offer once every day for an entire month after they place the first deposit and avail attractive bonuses.

Martin Rinker, on the other hand, was able to rejoice and win the first game of the season: “The worst game we’ve played so far, but this time we finally scored full points.” Rinker is not satisfied with the score yet, but: “The performances in the first games were quite appealing”.

While the Union could celebrate its first victory against Kundl (Lener: “We finally appeared as a team“), the opponent still stands at only one point. “I would have imagined the season start naturally differently , mourns coach Roger Kühmaier the good preparation after: It is only three rounds played, but now it applies fastest to find our form.”

Even the local rival Kirchbichl hasn’t been able to make it: “That was a scary movie,” coach Paul Schneeberger commented on the first half against Kematen. “That was inferior, I haven’t seen such a thing often before”. The increase after the break is encouraging, but: “It’s a mystery to me that you lose the thread like we do within a short time. That’s how football is.” Schneeberger also speaks for his colleagues in the table cellar when he says: “It’s no use moaning”.