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If you are only starting out an exercise plan and you are like many other people, you probably have a difficult time showing up fo...




4 Failsafe Vegetarian Desserts Perfect for Any Occasion


5 Scrumptious Vegetarian Dishes You Have to Try Today

3 Best Vegetarian Canape Recipes for Entertaining at a Party

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5 Top Tips to Be a Gracious Vegetarian Guest


Have you ever been in a situation where you are invited to a dinner party and the majority of guests, hosts included, eat meat? At one point in time all of us has been through this type of exercise. Now, it can go one of two ways. You end up not eating anything because everything contains meat, insulting your host, or it can go very well.

In this post we look at ways you can make the dinner very enjoyable for you and your host. A little bit of courtesy and understanding can go a long way! Let’s take a look how you can ensure a great dinner party, every time.

1. Tell Your Host About Your Dietary Needs Beforehand

Once the host contacts or invites you, you should discuss your lifestyle and dietary needs. This is not something that you should leave until the event or one day beforehand. In a very polite manner, simply mention that you are a vegetarian. If you are afraid that it might come across as blunt or rude, simply ask the host whether it would be a problem for their planning.

2. Be Courteous and Offer Help

You can always suggest that you help out with preparation and planning. When you get the invite from the host, ask whether you can help in any way with planning or buying of specific ingredients or produce. This is also a great starting point if you still have to mention that you are a vegetarian and saves you and your host a lot of trouble.

3. Suggest to Bring a Dish

If your host does not want you to help out, you can also suggest that you make one dish, whether it is an entre or the main course. There is of course a chance that the host declines your offer. If this is the case, and the host is willing to, you can always send one of your recipes. Keep in mind that it should be easy to follow and doesn’t need any expensive or extraordinary ingredients.

4. Don’t Try to Convert Guests

You may very well during the evening come across someone asking you about your lifestyle or perhaps even ridiculing it. If someone is genuinely curious, ask them if they would like to have a chat after dinner. Don’t try to convince them to change their lifestyles, simply let them know what it’s about. If someone is rude about you being a vegetarian, leave it be.

5. Give Thanks

And this is just a general tip that a lot of people follow, but it always a good idea to send a thank you note after the event. We’re not saying you should send it straight away, you can send it a couple of days afterwards. A quick thank you note will be well received by your host. You can even thank them for catering for your needs too.

And that’s it. Nowadays it’s a lot more common to have at least two dinner guests who are vegetarian than a couple of years ago. You should never feel bad or like a burden because of your lifestyle. There are ways of ensuring everyone has a good time, no matter what they eat! Here are some more tips on how to be a gracious vegetarian at every meal.

4 Failsafe Vegetarian Desserts Perfect for Any Occasion


Whether you are hosting a dinner party or want to treat the family with something sweet, having a couple of failsafe dessert recipes are always handy. You’ll love the simplicity of the recipes we’ve found, they require little prepping and doesn’t require a whole string of ingredients.

1. Buffet Style Donuts

This recipe gets a double yum from us, that’s for sure! It is simple to make and takes no less than six minutes! Chinese buffet style donuts are an absolute must try!

What you will need

  • Oil to deep fry your donuts in
  • One can refrigerated biscuits
  • Some sugar for coating your donuts

How to prepare them

Using a pan or deep fryer, heat some oil. Remember that the amount of oil should be enough to cover the biscuits. Once the oil is ready (about 350 degrees), place a couple of the biscuits in the foil to start frying. Check whether the submerged side of the biscuit is brown and turn it over to fry the other side.

Place the fried biscuits in a bowl lined with paper towel to drain off the excess oil. Once the whole tin of biscuits is fried, pour the sugar in a small bowl and dip each biscuit in the sugar to cover them in sugar. Serve and enjoy!

2. Fudge Cake

This amazing one pan fudge cake recipe is a dream to bake. You don’t have to be a whizz at baking to serve this moist, indulgent cake to guests or the family.

What you will need

  • Sugar
  • Cocoa
  • Flour
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Vanilla
  • Oil
  • Water

How to prepare it

First you need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next, you’ll sift all your dry ingredients in an ungreased pan of 9×13 inches. The key here is to remember that the pan does not have to be greased! Next, you mix all the liquids with the dry ingredients in the pan. Stir the mixture until it is just about blended.

That’s about it. Pop the pan into the preheated oven and let it bake for about 25 minutes or until done. Frosting this fudge cake is completely optional. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to spread frosting due to the texture. Eat and enjoy!

3. Strawberry Shortcake

This strawberry shortcake only takes 20 minutes to make. A great tasting no-mess, no-fuss recipe that’s perfect for taking to a get-together.

What you will need

  • Strawberries
  • One store-bought angel food cake cut in cubes
  • Powdered sugar
  • Sugar
  • Cream cheese
  • Frozen whipped topping

How to prepare it

First, get the strawberries cut in half, toss them in the sugar and mix. Place it in the refrigerator to chill while you prepare the cake. Next, you pour the powdered sugar and cream cheese in a bowl and mix it until smooth. Add the cake and whipped topping and mix well.

Place the mixture in a 13×9 inch ungreased pan and place in the refrigerator for two hours. Once it’s been chilled, remove and decorate with strawberries. Yum!

4. Reeses Squares

These squares are perfect for snacking in between meals or serving as a small sweet treat to guests with a cup of coffee. They only take 15 minutes to make and you’ll only need five ingredients!

What you will need

  • Peanut butter
  • Graham cracker crumbs
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  • Milk chocolate chips
  • Melted butter

How to prepare it

In a bowl, add the Graham cracker crumbs, sugar and peanut butter and mix it well. Add the melted butter to the bowl and stir until blended well. Scoop and press the mixture down in a 13×9 inch greased pan.

Next, you need to make the chocolate topping. Melt the chocolate chips and spread the chocolate spread over the peanut butter mixture. Place the pan in the refrigerator until the mixture is set!

And that’s a wrap! These recipes take very little effort and time and are among our favorite vegetarian dessert recipes out there. Have you tried any of them out? Which is your favorite?

Stick to the Plan and Exercise Every Morning with Our Top Tips


If you are only starting out an exercise plan and you are like many other people, you probably have a difficult time showing up for the workout. Yes, getting up earlier is a big jump especially if you are used to pushing that snooze button until you have less than 5 minutes to get ready for work.

Even for those who are dedicated to their fitness routines will agree that getting up at 5am instead of 7am is difficult. But, some tips and tricks can help you get up and out of bed. We’ve found our top pick of tips that will ensure you jump up and get to your gym no matter what!

There are of course no one-size-fits-all solution, and it can take some time to get into the routine. These tips are however a pretty good starting point!

#1 More Than One Alarm


Nothing is more annoying than an alarm that goes off, and another going off a bit later or at the same time. If you struggle to get up in the mornings, set your alarms the night before. Set multiple alarms using different tones – the noisier the better!

Some people set two alarms to give their minds enough time to wake up. Do whatever you need to do to ease you into the day and be ready for that workout!

#2 Go to Bed Earlier


No more late nights if you want to get up bright and bushy tailed at 5am or 6:30 for that matter. Adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep and can get away with as little as six hours of sleep. If you struggle to get up in the mornings, be sure to get to bed by 10pm.

Getting to bed earlier will ensure that you get a good night’s rest and that you won’t feel too tired when that first alarm goes off.

#3 Pack the Night Before


That’s right, a little preparation goes a long way. Packing the night before means you won’t have to run around looking for your trainers or gym gear. Not only does this save some time but also means you can sleep a little longer.

Whatever type of exercise you do, whether you jog, run, or frequent the gym, be sure you know what the following day’s routine is going to entail and get your things ready before you get to bed.

#4 Place Alarms Somewhere Other than the Nightstand


This is probably one of the most common traps people fall into. If your alarm is next to the bed, and it’s easy to switch it off, chances are your not going to get up very easily. That darn snooze button is the mother of all procrastinators.

Instead, be sure to place your alarm(s) somewhere else. This means you will have to get up and out of bed to switch it off. Getting up for your workout has never been easier.

#5 Get into the Swing of it


There are plenty of things you can do to ensure you stick to your early morning workout sessions. But the most important thing is to stick to it and form the habit of getting up and working out. Once you’ve formed the good habit and have some routine, it should be easier.

If you need more motivation, you can include other smaller habits in your morning routine. Drink a cup of coffee, have some breakfast, and think about how great you’ll feel afterwards.

These are but a few of some of the great tips out there. Other’s have said that they switch on a light once the alarm goes off as this force them to wake up. Some even splash some water on their face before heading out the door. Either way, we trust these tips will be able to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dare to Include Dairy: 4 Reasons Why You Should Include Milk in Your Diet


From the top of your head, what is the main nutrients you miss out on as a vegetarian? Or rather, which ones should you focus on getting in through either supplements or other substitutes? Protein and calcium are probably the two most important nutrients that vegetarians need to fill up on.

Nutritionists and dieticians all agree that going meatless is a healthy option and that those who follow a vegetarian diet have a decreased risk of suffering from colorectal cancer. If you are a vegetarian who is currently not including milk or dairy in their diet, perhaps now is a good time to start doing so.

Milk, dairy and particularly eggs are a great source of protein, making it easier for you to get all your essential nutrients in. In this article we’ll highlight four reasons why you should consider including dairy in your diet. Let’s get started.

1. An Affordable Option for Optimal Nutrition

Ditch that soda and start drinking milk! Not only is milk an affordable beverage, but it is fully loaded with all the essential nutrients you need. Instead of buying some expensive soda or whatever beverage you prefer, buy milk. Did you know that one glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients?

This includes calcium and Vitamin D which is essential for strong and healthy bones, vitamin A that aids a healthy immune system, B vitamins that provides energy and last but not least protein.

2. Great Source of Calcium

But you can get calcium from other sources too, right? Of course, you can. Keep in mind though that it might not necessarily be that easy to get the correct amount of calcium in. For example, to reach the daily recommendation you would have to consume 21 cups of raw broccoli.

Broccoli is good for you, but we’re pretty sure keeping track of your calcium amount can be drab. By drinking three glasses of milk per day you will easily reach the daily recommendation.

3. The Ultimate Source of Protein

Yes, you do get plenty of plant-based foods that is a source of protein. These are however not complete protein and you will have to supplement your source of protein somewhere. Protein is essential for your entire body, including your teeth, bones, hair and muscles.

Milk is a complete protein, meaning you won’t have to look around and consume loads of other sources of incomplete proteins. Real dairy milk will provide you with all the essential amino acids you need.

4. Get All the Nutrients You Need

As far as food goes, getting all the nutrients you need can become a bit of a juggle as a vegetarian. Including milk in your diet means you will fill up on multiple essential nutrients, all at once! That’s right, you can now get rid of that bottle of multi-vitamins.

Milk is an excellent source of all the key nutrients such as Vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamin B12.

So, there you have it, by drinking as little as three glasses of milk a day, you won’t have to worry about skipping or losing out on some essential nutrients. Ultimately including milk in your vegetarian diet means improved health!

Bodybuilding on the Veg: Our Top Tips for Best Results


There is a stigma around the relationship between protein consumption and bodybuilding and that the one cannot exist without the other. In this post we aim to bust that myth by providing you with some handy tips on how you can still build muscle while following your regular vegetarian diet.

#1 Stack up on Fruit and Veg


And we don’t mean you should eat fruit and veggies more often. You’ll have to increase your intake of all fruits and veg! Fruit and vegetables are the best source of quality nutrients and antioxidants – the best way to boost your vitals and immune system!

#2 Stick to Soy Protein or Egg White Powders


As a vegetarian bodybuilder, you are going to have to increase your protein intake too! You’ll be happy to know that there are plant-based and animal by-product options out there. If you don’t eat animal by-products, stick to soy protein powder for a smashing shake. If you do, go with the egg white protein powder.

#3 Higher Intensity Workouts


That’s right! Higher intensity yet shorter workouts are essential for bodybuilding vegetarians. Sticking to shorter yet higher intensity workouts will prevent muscle mass loss and your body won’t need as much protein to get through the workout.

#4 Eat Some Nuts


The perfect power snack, nuts are a great source of fats and energy, something you’ll need while bodybuilding. One handful of nuts a day is sufficient to provide you with enough calories to build muscle while you work out.

#5 Incorporate Peanut Butter Where You Can


As with nuts, peanut butter is a great source for calories and fats. It’s easy to add to your snacks, shakes or smoothies. Smear some peanut butter on your fruit and veg or add it to your breakfast. The calorie intake will ensure you build muscle.

#6 Smaller Portions More Often


Make sure you eat throughout the day. You don’t have to have a massive meal every time, but be sure to eat more frequently and smaller portions. Eating more frequently will ensure that you get all the amino acids you need to complete the workout and build muscle.

Just because you are a vegetarian does not mean you cannot CrossFit or do bodybuilding. You have to wise-up on all the nutrients, protein and crucial vitamins you need to consume. Never allow any setback to put a damper on your progress. Never lose sight of your goal and stay positive.

By keeping at it and following our tips here, you should soon find that bodybuilding while following a vegetarian diet is a breeze.

6 Top Tips to Be a Healthy Vegetarian


They say that following a vegetarian diet can be very positive for your overall health. Now, we all know that this is in fact true. But how do you ensure that you get all the good stuff your body needs to function optimally?

We’ve found some very handy tips you can follow to ensure you get all the nutrients you need as a vegetarian. Some of these might seem a bit obvious, but we’ve included him here just as a reminder. Let’s dig in!

1. Get Some Iodine

Iodine is an important cornerstone of any healthy diet. Now, you may think that salt is not good for you, but keep in mind you shouldn’t overdo it. Foods like seaweed are also high in iodine, think about delicious vegetarian sushi!

You can also add some salt to your food, be sure to check that it is iodized and that you don’t use too much. If you’d rather skip the salt and the sushi, get the right amount of iodine by taking a supplement!

2. Skip the Multi-Vitamins

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that by taking a multi-vitamin they are getting all the nutrients they need. As a vegetarian, you’ll get all the nutrients you need if you make good meal choices and ensure you eat fresh fruit and veg.

Instead of falling into the trap of taking a multi-vitamin, rather buy one supplement per nutrient of vitamin that you are 100% sure you need to stock up on. The best tactic? Ensure your diet includes all the nutrients you need.

3. Boost on Raw Food

Raw is sometimes the best way to go. Make sure you balance things out nicely and include a fresh and zesty salad in your meal plan regularly. Snack on fresh fruits during the day or have them for breakfast. It’s not a necessity to eat a cooked meal every day.

In fact, raw foods are easier for our bodies to absorb, making it perfect for a substitute meal now and then. Think crunchy salads, fresh fruits, coleslaw, carrots. There are loads of raw food recipes that’s waiting to be discovered by you!

4. Vinegar = Salad Dressing

As you probably know, store-bought salad dressings are often filled with additives and things you don’t necessarily want to have in your diet. Why not make your own with vinegar? Not only is this a healthier option, but it also leaves the taste completely up to you.

Instead of using oil, choose your favorite flavor of vinegar, mix it with some lemon juice and herbs and there you go! We don’t have to have a fancy salad dressing, in fact something that can enhance the taste of the salad instead of killing it altogether is better don’t you find?

5. One Cup of Beans Per Day

Beans and legumes, yum! You might think we include this due to the protein content of legumes and beans. Think again. Beans and legumes are very high in fiber, something that’s crucial in any healthy diet. Be sure to get at least one cup of beans in your meal plan per day.

Think lentils, split peas, black beans whatever tickles your fancy! Beans and legumes also contain other crucial nutrients that’s guaranteed to improve health. Whether you include it as a snack or use them in your meals, one cup a day will keep the doctor away!

6. Drink Water

And finally, an obvious tip that a lot of us know about yet refrain from following. Staying hydrated is essential for your body’s health. Make sure you drink sufficient water throughout the day. The average recommended amount is about eight glasses of water per day.

And if you can’t commit to drinking that much water, try mixing it up with herbal teas and flavored water. Keep in mind that soda water is not a substitute for water at all.

There you have it! If you follow these tips you should be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Combine a healthy diet with exercise and you should be safe from catching any nasty bugs that’s doing the rounds.

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10 Vegetarian Blogs You Have to Start Following Now


We all need some more inspiration from time to time. We always keep a finger on the pulse of the veggie blogging world to stay updated on all the latest trends and yummy recipes. In this post we take a look at our top ten picks for delicious vegetarian recipes.

#1 Isa Chundra

Isa Chundra keeps us engaged and entertained with her fun approach to vegan cooking. If you arelooking for a new delicious dessert recipe, chances are Isa’s blog will have it for you!

#2 My New Roots

Sarah Brittain is a holistic nutritionist based in Copenhagen. Her blog offers fresh and simple recipes that’s easy to follow and drool worthy.

#3 Veggie Runners

This blog is run by a mother and daughter team who are passionate about running and vegetarian food. Follow their blog for fitness tips and loads of nutritional vegetarian recipes.

#4 Delicious from Scratch

Nancy is a professional chef, recipe developer and food photographer. On her blog you’ll find a wealth of scrumptious and healthy vegetarian recipes to die for.

#5 The Veg Space

Vegetarian living awarded this blog best veggie blog. Kate Ford has been a vegetarian for just over 20 years. On her award-winning blog you’ll find plenty of delicious vegan comfort food recipes.

#6 Naturally Ella

For some amazing vegetarian Mexican dishes, there’s no better blog to follow than Naturally Ella! The blog holds some true gems and very handy tips and information on cooking, ingredients and more.

#7 Sprouted Kitchen

Power couple Hugh and Sara Forte run this blog. We love the style of the site, photography but most importantly, the delicious vegetarian recipes. One worth bookmarking!

#8 The First Mess

This blog features a whole string of amazing recipes you can start trying out today. Blogger Laura Wright will take you through each step starting with fresh produce and ending with a delectable vegetarian meal.

#9 101 Cookbooks

One of our personal favorites, Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks is a must for every vegetarian out there! Swanson started the blog back in 2003 when she decided to work her way through all her vegetarian cookbooks.

#10 Tinned Tomatoes

For access to more than 600 delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes, bookmark Tinned Tomatoes. Jaqueline is a Scottish vegetarian who is a recipe developer and food writer. For a great veggie vindaloo curry, head on over to her blog!

And that concludes our roundup of our favorite vegetarian blogs today. We’ve bookmarked them all, have you? The list features a wide variety of content from vegetarians and chefs from all walks of life. Just dig in and start exploring the yummy recipes and soon you’ll find one that’s perfect for you and your family!

All beginnings are difficult – even in the Tyrolean league

With the SVI and Volders two teams are still at zero points after three laps. But also for others the engine starts to stutter.

Innsbruck – Every week the marmot in Volders greets you: In spite of good performances, the promoted rider has always ended up empty-handed. And the SVI also pays tribute to the difficult opening programme.

“It’s bitter, of course, if you’re still standing there with zero points after three games,” SVI coach Markus Seelaus doesn’t talk around the bush for long. Above all, the defensive behaviour at standards has so far prevented a countable success: “We are behaving too childishly, too undecidedly. A similarly difficult autumn as last year is to be avoided at all costs: “We must keep calm and see that we finally reward ourselves once again”.

Michael Streiter also gets the same horn: “I can’t blame the team for anything, except that we don’t have the peace and quiet in front of the opposing goal.” The derby against Wattens (1:3) could have turned out differently: “We had a huge chance to score 2:0 shortly before the equalizer. It was more difficult to pass than to shoot the goal. But in return, we got the equalizer.”

Kundl zinger bingo

Nevertheless, Streititer sees himself and his Volderer in the right lane: “We won’t let ourselves be put off. We know that we’re on the right track.” In Zinger Bingo players can make use of the offer once every day for an entire month after they place the first deposit and avail attractive bonuses.

Martin Rinker, on the other hand, was able to rejoice and win the first game of the season: “The worst game we’ve played so far, but this time we finally scored full points.” Rinker is not satisfied with the score yet, but: “The performances in the first games were quite appealing”.

While the Union could celebrate its first victory against Kundl (Lener: “We finally appeared as a team“), the opponent still stands at only one point. “I would have imagined the season start naturally differently , mourns coach Roger Kühmaier the good preparation after: It is only three rounds played, but now it applies fastest to find our form.”

Even the local rival Kirchbichl hasn’t been able to make it: “That was a scary movie,” coach Paul Schneeberger commented on the first half against Kematen. “That was inferior, I haven’t seen such a thing often before”. The increase after the break is encouraging, but: “It’s a mystery to me that you lose the thread like we do within a short time. That’s how football is.” Schneeberger also speaks for his colleagues in the table cellar when he says: “It’s no use moaning”.

St. Pölten kidnapped three points, Wacker in front of the goal with bad luck

SKN St. Pölten eurogrand

Third defeat in the fourth game: FC Wacker Innsbruck was defeated 0:2 by SKN St. Pölten on Saturday.

Innsbruck – For FC Wacker Innsbruck, the second home game of the still young Bundesliga season did not go according to plan. The Tyroleans had to admit defeat to SKN St. Pölten 0:2 on Saturday in Tivoli in front of 4200 spectators despite a clear increase in chances. Rene Gartler already scored the lead in the 11th minute, Daniel Schütz set the final point in the 94th minute.

The Lower Austrians, who had surprisingly travelled to Innsbruck as second in the table, took command from the beginning. With a good order in the defensive and pinpricks in the offensive of Gartler, Ouedraogo and Co. the eleven of coach Didi Kühbauer made life difficult for the hosts and went deservedly with a 1-0 lead into the break.

Cheikhou Dieng Honours 

  • 1. divisjon (1): 2014 
SKN St. Pölten
  • Austrian Football First League (1): 2015–16

FC Wacker Innsbruck eurogrand

Yellow instead of penalty kick

It was only after the change of sides that the black-green team took off and were unlucky after 57 minutes. A clear foul by Drescher on starting eleven debutant Cheikhou Dieng was considered a swallow by referee Alexander Harkam. Instead of a penalty kick, the Wacker wing player received a yellow ball.

Ilkay Durmus only hit the underside of the crossbar with a remarkable volley shot (70th). In two attempts by Albert Vallci (63.,78.) only centimetres were missing to the goal luck. But somehow it didn’t work out that evening – not even in the seven-minute injury time. On the contrary: former Wacker kicker Daniel Schütz scored the final score in the 94th.

And so the players of coach Karl Daxbacher conceded their third defeat in the fourth game. For the first time in the history of the Bundesliga, the first two home games of the season were lost. Meanwhile, St. Pölten continued its successful run and is still second behind champions Salzburg (2-0 against Hartberg).

“The fast goal was optimal for St. Pölten. We have tried everything – run, fought, played. There’s little to complain about, except that we didn’t put the ball in the goal”, Daxbacher was satisfied with the game of his team. “It was good in terms of performance, but not in terms of the result, of course.

“I am very happy that we won in Tirol. But the way I play doesn’t make me happy,” his opponent Kühbauer said after the match. “After the break we have played with the fire, sometime it will begin to burn. At the moment we have the necessary luck, but we shouldn’t overstrain that.” EuroGrand has become known for offering a full betting selection including traditional casino games, a mobile platform, and Live Dealer games.

Blitz on the grass: Sprint-Ass Bolt trains for the first time in Australia

Nobody knows how many hours of training Sprint superstar Usain Bolt has already completed. Now, however, he sweated for the first time at the Mariners, a professional football club in Australia. And that on a very special day.

Sydney – More than a hundred reporters and cameramen were waiting, some TV stations broadcast live from the edge of the pitch. Usain Bolt, wearing black gloves and a tracksuit with long trousers, entered the field of the Australian first division football team Central Coast Mariners on Tuesday. On his 32nd birthday, the eight-time Olympic sprint champion raised both his thumbs to greet the crowd, with a big grin on his face as he used to on his career.

As a birthday present and welcome greeting for the fastest man in the world, the club had its emblem painted on the lawn of the 20,000 spectator stadium in Gosford – a town of 160,000 inhabitants about 75 kilometres north of Sydney – its distinctive mark: Bolts Blitz. The world record holder over 100 and 200 metres did a few laps with his team mates, played a few balls – but he was also repeatedly bounced by one or two of them.

“I completely left my comfort zone.”

“The first day of training is always the hardest. It’s like in athletics,” said Bolt after his premiere. On his PR-prone tour around the world, the Jamaican has now landed in Australia after stops at Borussia Dortmund, Norway and South Africa. Will his career on the grass really be a success after his career on the track? In a good mood, the 32-year-old reported on offers from underclass leagues in France and Spain. But he doesn’t want to learn a new language either. To read Coin Falls Casino’s review, check them out!

“I have completely left my comfort zone. But that’s why I’m here,” said Bolt. “The first hurdle is now to get a contract. The Australian A-League season with its ten clubs starts in October. The first time Bolt could be used in a test match on 31 August. According to the official language regulations, the test phase will initially run “indefinitely”.

Australian A-League coinfalls casino

Nick Montgomery Honours 


Central Coast Mariners

  • A-League Championship: 2012–13


  • Sheffield United F.C. Player of the Year: 2009–10

“He has a lot to lose”

Opinions about Bolt’s footballing ambitions and abilities also differ in Australia. With his “will and determination”, Bolt could surprise many, said former Mariners captain and assistant coach Nick Montgomery. “For me, that’s more important than the talent that talented players bring. I’ve seen it many times.”

Bolt has the best of both worlds: a world-class athlete with the hunger of a teenager who wants to become a football professional. “That’s certainly not a joke for him. He has a lot to lose. Time will tell what’s really inside him,” Montgomery said.

The Mariners are one of the smaller clubs in the A-League, were champions in the 2012/13 season. Last season, however, they finished last in the standings. They won only four of the 27 most recent games. But there is no relegation in the A-League.

Some experts think the Super Sprinter’s trip to the football pitches is just a marketing idea. It can be seen on videos that his skills on the ball are clearly lagging behind his speed. However, the Jamaican claims to want to make his “lifelong dream of professional football” come true.

In addition, the club and the Australian Football Association (FFA) have some hopes for the prominent guest star. Player advisor Tony Rallis said: “Bolt will give the A-League a profile that no money in the world can buy. This guy is an ambitious athlete. The A-League needed a hero and we got Superman.” The only question now is whether Superman can handle the ball well enough.

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